Join PUBGuild

Memberships will expire on an annual basis, and they will be “In Good Standing” based on your membership anniversary.


Individual Membership
The fee will be $25.00. for a full year. The member will receive one non-transferable membership card.

Family Membership
The fee will be $40.00. for a full year.  Family membership is applicable to two co-habitating significant others and will receive two non-transferable membership cards.

Membership cards can be picked up at any PUBguild meeting.

Learn more about memberships and benefits.


The club uses Member Planet to manage membership subscriptions.  The application will allow for automatic payments so that the payment method you use this year can automatically renew your membership on a rolling basis the next year.

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Beyond the member and payment management, the system does some other awesome stuff:

1) GET THE APP! Available on Apple and Andriod, the app can be your one-stop shop for all things PUBGuild, even for you rebels that don’t have Facebook! Search for MEMBERPLANET on you app store and log in using the same registration you used when you signed up!

2) The app and desktop version of the PUBGuild membership which contains the next meeting details.

3) If you put your phone number in your PUBGuild memberplanet profile, we can send you text updates on upcoming events and milestone dates.

4) We will continue to hand out plastic membership cards, but your primary membership card will now be a digital version available in the app!