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May 2017 – Wood Aging  – By Paul Sorice
Our educational topic this month was presented by President Paul Sorice. He covered the the various wood aging products available to homebrewers and offered some suggestions on how and when to use them.
View the powerpoint here.

April  2017 – Pale Commonwealth Beers  – By Todd Bogner

Our educational topic this month was presented by competition coordinator Todd Bogner. He covered the ins and outs of the Pale Commonwealth beers.

View his presentation here

March 2017 –  Judging  Beer – By: Chris Mc

This month we tasted a mystery beer from a homebrew keg and judged it using a BJCP score sheet. It turned out to be Hoegaarden which is a great example of a typically high scoring Belgian Wit beer. Many members noticed it was under carbonated from being poured from bottles into a keg. It proved how important carbonation is to aroma, taste, mouthfeel of beer.

You can get a score sheet here –

You can see examples of well done sheets here

February  2017 – Oxidation and Creating a Closed System – By Todd Bogner

Todd Bogner presented on oxidation. He details how it effects beer and how to prevent your beer from coming into contact with oxygen. He also explained how to create a CO2 pushed closed system for transfers.

download the document here

January 2017 – Growing Hops in Florida – By Paul Sorice

This month we explore some of the easier hop varietals to grow in the hot, humid and bug filled outdoors off Florida. Everything from preparing your yard to when to harvest. Based on my 2016 personal experience.

download the document here

August 2016 – All About Yeast – By: Chris Mc
November 2016 – Competitions – By Todd Bogner

This is a comprehensive guide on how to enter Florida Homebrew Circuit competition.

download the document here

August 2016 – All About Yeast – By: Chris Mc

This presentation covers the history and usage of yeast.

download a copy of the presentation

July 2016 – Randal Build Guide – By: Chris Mc

This comprehensive list of parts and series of instructions will assist you in building your own Randal.

download a copy of the guide

June 2016 – In depth look at BJCP Category 13- By: Chris Mc

Chris goes into the history and details of BJCP category 13

download a copy of the presentation

May 2016 – Shipping Homebrew for Competition  – By: Paul Sorice

This presentation covered the careful packing of homebrew for shipment to competitions.

download a copy of the guide

April 2016 – No boil Hopping  

A well written read on a no boil brew day.

download a copy of the document

 September 2015 – You be the judge – By: Chris Mc

You be the judge using the BJCP Checklist Scoresheet. Members were asked to judge a mystery beer provided. Utilize this score sheet to familiarize yourself with the categories, criteria and terminology that a BJCP judge utilizes to score a competition entry.

download a copy of the scoresheet here

January 2015 – BJCP Judging and Stewarding Procedures  – By: Chris Mc
Members are becoming interested in stewarding or becoming BJCP certified judges. This presentation outlined how to work your way toward becoming BJCP certified.

download the guidelines here

May 2014 – Get Funky!: A Primer on Wild Brewing – By: Dave Himmelfarb

Ever want to take a walk on the wild side of brewing? This document will help you prepare to brew with alternative cultures such as Brett, Lacto or Pedio.

download the primer

2014 – Brewing for Competition – By: Jeff Belot

Ever wonder how to start brewing for competition or optimize your entries and workflow? This document outlines some common things you can do to make your beer competition ready.

download the guide

2014 – Building Water – By Ian Nerney

Having the right water is crucial for brewing many styles of beers and even in creating a basic ale. This comprehensive guide will teach you how water effects your beer. Then you can read on how to build or modify your water to make it ideal for your beer style.

download the guide

2014 – Honey Fermentation

Beer is good but have you ever tried brewing with honey or try making a mead?

download honey fermentation document

download mead making document

2014 – Diacetyl – By: Chris Mc

This document will help you understand what diacetyl is, how to identify it, how it forms, when it’s appropriate, and how to prevent it.

download the guide