First Coast Cup Registration Now Open

First Coast registration opened up this morning and is limited to 4 entries for the first week. Already 150 spots have been reserved. If the limit of 600 entries is not reached by next week you will be be able to enter an additional 3 entries.

Remember entries are due at Rapp Brewing Company by 10pm July 7th for transport to Jacksonville July 8th.

Good luck!

Register Now!

First Coast Cup Registration and More

First Coast Cup

First Coast Cup registration opens June 20th – July 8th. Remember to submit entries with creative names. If you have any beer that had an OG over 1.070 and is wood aged you can enter that into the special “Big Wood” category in addition to the wood aged category. In the past the entry limit has been 600 and there is a limit of 4 per brewer for the first week. The second week of registration will allow you 3 additional entries if any remain.

Register Here on 6/20

Many members of PUB plan to attend the full weekend of festivities July 29th and 30th. There is a school bus pub crawl on Friday with bus service for $25. We will be staying at the same hotel as the ceremony for the C.A.S.K rate. The ceremony banquet is limited to 80 plates and is $25. You can now pre-purchase your super spectacular C.A.S.K. meal here.

The Walk on The Wild Side

Any entries must be dropped off this Friday, June 3rd at Hidden Springs Ale Works, 1631 N Franklin St, Tampa, FL 33602 (813) 226-2739 

St. Petersburg MFA Beer Project

Any entries must be dropped off this Friday, June 3rd or Saturday, June 4th at Green Bench Brewing Company 1133 Baum Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33705


Hogtown Brew-off Results

Kevin Shaw – Silver, German Wheat
Jessyca Glover – Gold, British Brown
Bob and Lisa Bandl – Gold, Irish and Scottish
Bob Walker – Bronze, Irish and Scottish
Sean Swartz – Gold, American and British Strong Ale
Bob and Lisa Bandl – Bronze, American Porter and Stout
Kevin Shaw – Gold, European Sour Ale
Chris Mc – Silver, European Sour Ale
Paul Sorice – Silver, Fruit Beer
Todd Bogner – Gold, Alternative Fermentables and Specialty Beer
Paul Sorice – Silver, Standard Cider
Paul Sorice – Gold, Specialty Cider
Wayne Dalton – Bronze, Specialty Cider

Paul Sorice – Best Of Show Runner Up, Cider and Mead
Paul Sorice – Third Place Heavy Medal
PUBGuild – Second Place Heavy Medal Club

View the full list of results here

Sunshine Challenge Drop Off

sunshineThere will be a runner taking homebrew entries from Rapp to Orlando for the Sunshine Challenge. Entries must delivered to Rapp Brewing before closing (10pm) May 26th.

With the large number of entries we continue to receive for transport we ask that if you have more than 2 entries that they be packed in 12 pack or 24 pack boxes too assist in keeping the coolers at Rapp organized and entries safe for transport. 

As always please include a few dollars for our runners time, gas, and of course for good karma.