PUB Gear

Available at Meetings

  • $10 Heather Grey “Guild Crest” T-Shirts – S, M, XL
  • $3 Mini Can “Guild Crest” Tasting Glass
  • $10 Hunter Green Homebrew Club of the Year T-Shirts – Available in March
  • $20 Black”Guild Crest” Work Shirts (pre-order only) – Pre-Order has ended, Delivery in March

Online Shop

The Details

We are happy to now offer some additional items through our Viral Style shop. Items can be purchased all year in a wide variety of colors and are sent for creation every 7 days. Items are sold at cost but are priced higher because they are single items created on demand.  It will take approximately 21 total days to receive your item and you can track the progress through the Viral Style website. If you have any issues with your order or items you must contact Viral Style.

Tips for Ordering

Items are purchased and shipped individually because each item/style is printed or embroidered at different times. All velcro hats are produced at one time and all pull over hoodies may be created days later. That means for the best deal you may want to purchase two or more  of the same item to save on shipping. For example 1 Large Green Hoodie and 1 Small Purple Hoodie can be placed in the cart together and will ship together, saving you some money. So if you want to place an order with a fellow member it will be the most cost effective way to order. You can not add a hoodie and a hat or two differnt styles of hoodie into the same cart.


A personal hat and hoodie were purchased to asses the quality and alignment of graphics. We were pleased with the results and made some minor tweaks to the graphics on the back of the zip up hoodies. If your quality varies significantly from the sample images below please contact Viral Style.

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