April Update

Education & Competition

Our first intraclub competition is in late May and is open to all paid members. It includes all 3 styles from BJCP category 12. PALE COMMONWEALTH BEER . First place winner will receive a 32oz growler of Rapp beer and the top 3 beers will receive a paid entry into an upcoming competition.  More details to come.

Our educational topic this month was presented by competition coordinator Todd Bogner. He covered the ins and outs of the Pale Commonwealth beers and you can view his presentation here. You can also find additional information on the new BJCP 2015 website.

May 1st registration opens for Hogtown Brew Off (3 entrys for the first week) and Sunshine Challenge (2 entrys for the first week). Be sure to register fast because both will fill up. Also be sure to check back the second week when entry limits increase.

The St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts – Beer Project competition and public tasting which is normally this time of year has been postponed until January of 2018.

Our next brew day is May 7th, 9am at Rapp Brewing Company. Please RSVP by emailing beer@pubguild.com.

Serving & Charity

If you would like to serve at either of the events below please email beer@pubguild.com .


The first is Bad A** beer festival to benefit Ocean Media Institute. It is Tampa Bay Brewing Company in Westchase on May 6th. You will need to arrive at or before 5:30pm to setup and the festival goes till about 10pm.

The Second is the St. Pete Beach Beer Fest to https_cdn.evbuc.com_images_28454784_134332987351_1_originalbenefit local education. It is Saturday, May 13th from 4pm to 8pm. Member serving will head over after the club business concludes at the May meeting. It is at St Pete Beach Community Center, 7701 Boca Ciega Drive Saint Pete Beach, FL 33706

Promotions & Equipment

New business cards are on order for our upcoming events.


Our club shirt order is back on track after receiving a proof last week. Pricing is as expected and we very much hope to have all of the shirts at the May meeting.

Our club jockey boxes have been refitted into the RTIC coolers. We still have one of the old milk boxes available $20 to anyone who is looking for a drilled shell for a jockey box or storage bin.

Thank You

Thank you to the members who served homebrew at Cajun Cafe Spring fest last weekend. We received many kind words about the excellent beer and contributions via social media.

May Events

Meeting April 8th

Just a reminder that we are back to meeting the second Saturday of each month. This month Todd will deliver a presentation on the first intraclub competition styles. We will also serve samples of commercial examples so you get the full sensory experience as well. We will also have standard club business, a brief discussion about Movemberfest, the world famous homebrew tasting and more.


March Wrap-Up

Hogtown & Sunshine Challenge

Brew Brew Brew! Registration opens for both Hogtown & Sunshine Challenge in early May.

Upcoming Brew Days

  • April 1st, 9am at Stilt House Brewing in Palm Harbor
    • RSVP with an email to beer@pubguild.com. Paid members please mention the type and quantity of base malt you will need. The club will purchase, mill and deliver it to the brew day for you. Bring your other malts, hops and yeast. 
    • Stilt House will provided filtered and pre heated strike water.
  • May 7th, 9am at Rapp Brewing Company in Seminole
  • June, 9am at TBA in St. Petersburg

Upcoming Events with Open Spots

Email beer@pubguild.com to register

  • Bad A** Beer Fest – Saturday, May 6th
  • St. Pete Beer Fest – Saturday May, 13th

March  Educational Topic

Chris setup a mock BJCP style judging of a mystery beer. Members needed to determine the style blind as well as judge the beer it self. It turns out the beer was a commercial example of a Witbier, Hoegaarden. He poured bottles into a standard homebrew keg to throw off the group. One major point of consensus was the beer was under carbonated. It proved how valuable carbonation can be to the aroma and mouthfeel of a beer.

Youtube Video Library

4 Videos have been added to the PUB Library video playlist. They cover how to build a stir plate and how to create a keg / carboy washer.

Jockey Box Upgradebox.png

We have received our new coolers and will be transferring the chill plates and 8 taps to the new coolers in time for Cajun Cafe in April.

PUBGuild Gear

We expect our order or t-shirts and work shirts to arrive in time for the April meeting. Please bering payment for the items you requested in April. If you missed out on the pre-order of the new pub t-shirts we will have some extra t-shirts of various sizes.

February Wrap-Up

Upcoming Brew Days

  • April 1st, 9am at Stilt House Brewing in Palm Harbor
  • May 7th, 9am at Rapp Brewing Company in Seminole
  • June, 9am at TBA in St. Petersburg

February  Educational Topic

Todd Bogner presented on oxidation. He explains how oxidation impacts your beer and how to prevent your beer from coming into contact with oxygen. He also shared how to create a CO2 pushed closed system for transfers.

download the document here

New Discounts

Pinellas Ale Works is now offering 10% off your tab. Just present your valid PUBGuild membership card. Discount cannot be combined with other offers.

Pinellas Chocolate Company is also offering 10% off your purchases. If you are looking for cocoa nibs for your next beer they have you covered.

The full updated list of member discounts can be found here : https://pubguild.com/membership/

AHA Elections

If you are a current AHA member you are able to vote in this years AHA Governing Committee election. This year Ron Minkoff from the Hogtown Brewers is looking fill one of the seats. Submitting your ballot enters you in the Lallemand Scholarship drawing for the Siebel Institute’s two-week Concise Course.

Jockey Box Upgradebox.png

We are in the process of upgrading the exterior shells of our two serving boxes to premium coolers. This should provide extra insulation to the chill plates & shanks, we can pre chill the boxes before events since they are water tight and it also offers a carrying handle to help move boxes.  The new equipment will be used at the April Cajun Cafe Beer fest.

PUBGuild Gear16830870_10106225595588382_5378832252556721461_n

If you missed out on the preorder of the new pub t-shirts we will have some extra t-shirts of various sizes available when we receive the latest shirt order. We also have some of the heather gray shirts available. 

Visit the new PUB Gear section of the website to learn more about and visit our online “one off” ordering shop.  https://pubguild.com/store/

Hurricane Blow-off

Registration opens this Friday with a 350 entry cap and 6 entries per brewer. Register fast because it will fill up.

Coconut Cup

Results should be posted in REGGIE sometime after the awards ceremony Saturday the 4th of March. There is no live stream planned for this weekend and any awards will be mailed out to the individual brewers by M.A.S.H.