May 7th Brew Day at Rapp Brewing


Don’t forget that we have a brew day coming up the first Sunday in May. We will be in the Parking lot of Rapp Brewing on May 7th beginning at 9am. You can just come out but we would appreciate if you RSVP by emailing so we plan our setup for that day.

What is provided?

  • Filtered preheated Pinellas County water.
    (be sure to have campden tablets to treat for chlorine / chlorimide especially during this water cycle.)

What you should bring

  • Full Propane Tank
  • All ingredients including malt & hops
  • All necessary equipment to heat, mash, boil and chill your beer
  • A carboy with airlock
  • RO water (optional)
  • A quick shade and a comfy outdoor chair if you have them.
  • You probably will want to leave yeast and starters at home so you can pitch when your are sure your wort pitch temperature is stable

Images from our Stilthouse Brewday last month