March Wrap-Up

Hogtown & Sunshine Challenge

Brew Brew Brew! Registration opens for both Hogtown & Sunshine Challenge in early May.

Upcoming Brew Days

  • April 1st, 9am at Stilt House Brewing in Palm Harbor
    • RSVP with an email to Paid members please mention the type and quantity of base malt you will need. The club will purchase, mill and deliver it to the brew day for you. Bring your other malts, hops and yeast. 
    • Stilt House will provided filtered and pre heated strike water.
  • May 7th, 9am at Rapp Brewing Company in Seminole
  • June, 9am at TBA in St. Petersburg

Upcoming Events with Open Spots

Email to register

  • Bad A** Beer Fest – Saturday, May 6th
  • St. Pete Beer Fest – Saturday May, 13th

March  Educational Topic

Chris setup a mock BJCP style judging of a mystery beer. Members needed to determine the style blind as well as judge the beer it self. It turns out the beer was a commercial example of a Witbier, Hoegaarden. He poured bottles into a standard homebrew keg to throw off the group. One major point of consensus was the beer was under carbonated. It proved how valuable carbonation can be to the aroma and mouthfeel of a beer.

Youtube Video Library

4 Videos have been added to the PUB Library video playlist. They cover how to build a stir plate and how to create a keg / carboy washer.

Jockey Box Upgradebox.png

We have received our new coolers and will be transferring the chill plates and 8 taps to the new coolers in time for Cajun Cafe in April.

PUBGuild Gear

We expect our order or t-shirts and work shirts to arrive in time for the April meeting. Please bering payment for the items you requested in April. If you missed out on the pre-order of the new pub t-shirts we will have some extra t-shirts of various sizes.