Coconut Cup


Please be sure to enter and pay for any Coconut Cup entries you want to enter today. An email went out this morning reminding entrants to pay and there have been at least 25 more payments. At that rate the comp may fill up in the next few days.

Rapp Brewing Drop Off 1/26 though 2/2

Deadline is 2/2/17 @ 9pm. Robert Bandl from PUBguild will be running Coconut Cup entries to Miami. Please provide the runner gas money via paypal or with your entries. This is one of the longest runs of the year so be sure to compensate accordingly.

The runner IS NOT responsible for packing or repacking your entries. You must property pack entries in such a way that they can be loaded and staked in a trailer or vehicle. Please use 12 pack or 24 pack BOXES ONLY (You can kindly ask the staff at most Total Wine or ABC stores for boxes). Loose bottles, 6 pack holders or bags of any kind are discouraged because they are not safe way to transport entries in a moving vehicle and most fall apart when wet from condensation.

The drop-off window is 7 days only in order to limit the time entries spend at the brewery. Please neatly and safely stack your entries in the designated area when dropping them off. Bottles left in other areas of the brewery may get missed during pickup.