August Update

Our education topics page has been updated. Chris discovered a number of old topics in one of the clubs Google drives. Those presentations have been used to fill in 2016 months where we had intraclub competitions. So check those out!

Our YouTube page has a growing number of playlists. They contain curated videos to help new and experienced brewers alike brew better, build things and use club checkout equipment. Everything from making a starter, building a temp controller, reseting a propane regulator /tank, building a keezer, all grain brewing basics and much more. If you have any suggestions email them to .

The website as you can tell looks different. The goal was to have a more human feel and bigger branding. Also the mobile site should function better with a more accessible menu button.  If you have any high quality pictures of the guild in action we can style them and place them in the ever growing banner library. Email images to  .