Hogtown Brew-off Results

Kevin Shaw – Silver, German Wheat
Jessyca Glover – Gold, British Brown
Bob and Lisa Bandl – Gold, Irish and Scottish
Bob Walker – Bronze, Irish and Scottish
Sean Swartz – Gold, American and British Strong Ale
Bob and Lisa Bandl – Bronze, American Porter and Stout
Kevin Shaw – Gold, European Sour Ale
Chris Mc – Silver, European Sour Ale
Paul Sorice – Silver, Fruit Beer
Todd Bogner – Gold, Alternative Fermentables and Specialty Beer
Paul Sorice – Silver, Standard Cider
Paul Sorice – Gold, Specialty Cider
Wayne Dalton – Bronze, Specialty Cider

Paul Sorice – Best Of Show Runner Up, Cider and Mead
Paul Sorice – Third Place Heavy Medal
PUBGuild – Second Place Heavy Medal Club

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