Coconut Cup Results

A HUGE shout out, and congrats to all of the PUBGuild Medal winners in the 2016 Coconut Cup Competition. With 33 points, and 2nd place Heavy Medal Club, this was the best showing as a club yet!! Lets all congratulate the following medal winners:

Jessica Glover

2nd place Standard American Beer

Robert Bandl

3rd place Dark European Lager
1st place Scottish/Irish Ale

Ken Ackerson

3rd place Scottish/Irish Ale

Jason Peterson

2nd place Dark British Beer

Bob Walker

3rd place Sweet Stout
3rd place Dark American Beer

Jeff Stiebel

2nd Place Historical Beer

Kevin Shaw

3rd place American Wild Ale

Sean Swartz

2nd place Wood Beer

Todd Bogner

3rd place Wood Beer

Dudley Wilcox

3rd place Strong American Beer

Jeff Belot 

3rd place Amber Malty European Lager
1st place German Wheat Beer
3rd place English Bitters
2nd place Strong British Ale
1st place Strong American Ale
1st place tie Heavy Medal Brewer

Paul Sorice

2nd place Standard Cider
2nd place Specialty Cider

Trevor Bernier

3rd place Specialty Cider

A total of 20 Medals were awarded to the club and will be presented at the next guild meeting on March 12.